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Revolutionize your release notes creation with our AI-powered tool

Easily create comprehensive release notes using commit messages handpicked by you. Effortlessly communicate your software updates with clarity and precision.


Get more done

With our release notes generator, you can get more done in less time. You can spend less time writing release notes and more time building great software. You can also spend less time formatting release notes and more time communicating with your users.

Our impressive features

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Simplified Release Process

With just a few clicks, you can generate comprehensive release notes, eliminating complexity and confusion.

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Improved Productivity

Your teams can focus on core tasks, leading to increased efficiency and faster development cycles.

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Enhanced Collaboration

It gathers commit messages from multiple contributors and presents them in a unified format, fostering better communication.

How it works

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Connect with Github

Our solution seamlessly integrates, allowing you to streamline the process. Access your repository directly from our interface and easily select the project you want to generate release notes for.

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Select your commits

Choose the commit messages you want to include in your release notes. You can do this by selecting individual messages or by using filters to narrow down your selection.

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Generate Release Notes

Once you have selected your commit messages, our AI-powered generator will create a comprehensive and informative release note for your users, clients, or team members.


Scalable plans for every team size. Simplify release management with affordable pricing. Get started now




For individuals and businesses getting started

    What’s included?
  • 3 releases notes per month
  • 2 commits each releases notes
  • Email Support



A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business

    What’s included?
  • 40 releases notes per month
  • 5 commits each releases notes
  • Priority email support



If you want to take your business to the next level

    What’s included?
  • 80 releases notes per month
  • 10 commits each releases notes
  • Priority email support
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Having experienced the challenges firsthand in managing my own mobile app releases, I was inspired to create ReleasesNotes. The manual process of compiling release notes and tracking code changes was time-consuming and prone to errors. I wanted to simplify this process and empower developers like myself with an automated solution.

Quentin Fontenay, Releases Notes Inc.

Get ready to a new level of productivity, and speed in your software updates.


  • ReleasesNotes is specifically designed for developers and development teams who need an efficient and time-saving solution for creating release notes. Whether you’re working on small projects or large-scale applications, ReleasesNotes can simplify your release management process.

  • Yes, ReleasesNotes is designed to cater to various software development projects, including web applications, mobile apps, and desktop software. Whether you are a solo developer or part of a large development team, ReleasesNotes can streamline your release management process.

  • ReleasesNotes integrates seamlessly with popular version control systems like Github or Gitlab. It automatically fetches commit messages and tracks code changes from your version control system to generate accurate release notes. For the first launch github will only be available

  • Yes, we offer a 7 days free trial for pro or starter plan. This allows users to explore the features and benefits of the tool before committing to a subscription.

  • While the product is currently under development, we appreciate your interest and feedback. Feel free to reach out to us with any suggestions, ideas, or feature requests once the product is available to the following email address: support@relesesnotes.dev or directly in application with tabs "Feedback"