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ReleasesNotes V2

I’m currently working on a brand-new version of to enhance your experience and bring you even more value

Why new version ?

I decided to go for a complete redesign of the application because I didn’t think it met your needs. With hindsight, I think the interface could be more intuitive for you. This V2 will also allow you to customize your changelog page and have a custom url to manage your releases more easily. I’m also thinking of giving you the option of creating alerts on slack to inform your users of your new update. Here are a few proposals for V2, which I hope will make ReleasesNotes an essential part of your release management.

Share Your Expectations

Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping this new version. ReleasesNotes V2 focuses on solving the challenges you’ve faced and adding the features you’ve requested.

Feedback form

Thank you

Thank you for being an essential part of the ReleasesNotes journey. Your support and feedback make all the difference. Together, we’re creating something amazing!